Mervm Priorati

Merum Priorati's roots reach back deep in time, through the long history of the Priorat – an exceptional county tucked away in a harsh yet generous corner of Catalonia.

We know that a good vineyard is the key to a good wine and we believe that a wine can only express typicity by achieving excellence. At Merum Priorati we strive to offer high-quality wines with great character – wines that trigger new sensations and linger in the memory long after being tried.

This is our mission.

Merum Priorati's: We are the stamp of our land.

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Els Valors


We have listened to the voice of the earth, the whistling wind, the thunderclaps and rockfalls, the braying of a stubborn mule, the crushing of grapes in the press, and the silence of the winery.

We have heard the farmer’s wise words, the womenfolk’s sound advice, the children’s excited chatter, and the old man’s stick guiding him on his way.

Every day we inspect and care for our vines, and we take great pride in our hard work to make our collection of wines ring with the voice of the earth and echo our guiding principles.